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These links will take you to the web sites of a number of major firearms and accessories distributors (my suppliers) as well as to major gun manufacturers.  The distributor’s web sites have an entrance for Consumers and one for Dealers. Obviously, the Dealers side provides certain information that’s not available to the consumer – like wholesale price and the quantity of an item the distributor has on hand.  However, all the same specs and pictures of firearms and accessories are as available to the consumer as to the dealer.  So these sites are a good place for you to research what you want and, at least, find out the suggested retail price.  Check them out and feel free to ask us for price and availability on anything you find.  And remember, your price will be considerably less than the retail price you see quoted on any of these sites.


Aardvark Tactical (non-lethal weapons)

Blackhawk Industries (military & law enforcement equipment)

Davidson’s (major Ruger distributor)

Monadnock, Inc. (law enforcement gear)

RSR Wholesale Guns (largest gun distributor in USA)

Sports South (very large inventory)



Beretta USA

Colt Firearms

Glock Firearms


Sig Sauer

Smith & Wesson

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